For the energy revolution, let's think big – but build small and smart.

We engineer floating underwater turbines – the next big thing after wind energy.

CYKLONE is based in Schleswig-Holstein State, Germany and is an innovation leader in freestream tidal power turbines.
With our partners in Northern Germany and Scandinavia we offer 100% carbon neutral turnkey solutions for ports and point-to-point logistics.


Moving water has 1000 times more kinetic energy than air

Tidal power is the most competitive  short term energy path to avoid carbon penalties.


Tidal energy is available 24/7 along coastlines.

Energy prices can remain at todays level.



Basically we have optimized wind turbine technology for under water use.

Tidal power is aiming to exceed 50% market share and will likely become the dominating future energy.

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Can power from the oceans help better balance renewable energy production, mobility and the economy? Watch and share!

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Why tides?

Tides are completely predictable and can be calculated for at least 50 years in advance. And the same applies to the energy harvest of our turbines. While other renewables such as wind and solar highly depend on the weather, our turbines produce electricity reliably and steadily.

Tides Visualization: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio (visually modified)
World Currents Visualization: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio (visually modified)


Works even with slow tides

With our patented technology based on knowledge from the aircraft industry our turbines can produce electricity even in very slow currents.


Small & smart

Our turbines generate the same amount of electricity as wind turbines that are 5 times bigger.



Our turbines are adjustable in size. We can built very small units (e.g. for rivers) as well as big ones (e.g. for the sea shore) using the same affordable fabrication process.


Profitable Energy

We found in studies, that our turbines could produce electricity at under 1 cent per kw/h – which is cheaper than any other renewable energy source today.

cyklone-icon-efuel Kopie

e-fules become profitable

The cheap energy from our turbines is unlocking the competitive production of synthetic e-fuels. In times of climate change and phase out of fossil fuels a must!


Sea-Life friendly

Our turbines are moving so slow and steady, that they won’t bother sea life at all.


Low Maintenance

One of the highest cost factors for technology is maintenance usually. Due to the modular size of our turbines we can easily and inexpensively maintain them directly on shore – which saves time, headache and money.

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